Scientific Facts

Child's Room and Growth

Children are precious little people that we can't help but love. We always try our best to provide what's best for them in the smallest details, starting with healthy food to learning and health growth.

Did you know that learning is the most important factor that affects your child's growth? Although everyone believes that sleep is important for energy, having good health and strong memory but only a few know that décor and room color are the main factors for the process of healthy growth that is because the room affects his/her mood and mind.

A child won't have a deep healthy sleep in a place he/she doesn't love. We find many children who suffer from sleeping disorders or prefer going to their parent’s room in the middle of the night.
The décor of the room also affects the child's psychology that children who have rooms that are alike them or reflects their favorite cartoon, have the widest imagination and highest creative capabilities.

According to studies, 2% of children suffer from sleeping disorders because of their uncomfortable rooms which don't match their personality and can't find their spirit in. This means that they don't get deep sleep which causes health problems and most importantly growth problems. Because of that you should keep interest in the room's type, quality, décor, and room color so that your child would fall in love with the place and spend most of his/her time at. Studies say that colors have a huge influence on the child's life, growth and creativity. In general, the room should meet the child's mental and psychological needs to become their comfy zone where they can feel relaxed and have the deepest sleep and healthy growth.

Room Color and Creativity

As parents you spend a long time studying with your children, motivate them to spend more effort in studying and imagine being something important when all grown-up. Did you know that the room's colors have an impact on the academic effort, memory and creativity?

In a recent study, it was confirmed that room colors have a huge impact on the way the mind works and that every part of the mind is linked with a specific color which this color motivates him/her. Let's learn about the impact of these colors on our children

It is known that the color red is full of energy that’s why some think that it is necessary to stay away from it as a room color but this isn't true. The color red strengths the memory, the mind focuses on details and stop making mistakes. So the color red will motivate your child to do all his/her school work and with interest.

The color green is the main color to motivate creativity and boost mental thinking which the child seeks to try everything to prove his/her creativity that’s why we advise you to add a lot of the color green to your child's room.

Have you ever wondered why the smiley face is colored yellow? The answer is simple. The color yellow has the ability to improve your mood and boost confidence! That's why we advise you to choose your child's room with the color yellow to boost his/her confidence. It encourages trying new things which will gain him/her new information and skills.

Blue is connected with the sky and seas so it gives that feeling of comfort and reassurance but it's one of the strongest colors to affect the imagination. It has a strong bond with creativity so there is no creativity without imagination.

It calms one's self which makes concentration and studying easier. It is also considered to be the best color for your bedroom especially if it was mixed with other colors to become a room mixed with colors and benefits.

Pink is every girl's favorite color. Since many years, it has been connected with feminism but what are special about its affect are comfort, calmness and satisfaction. Addition to that, the power of memory which the color pink is a mixture of red and white so it has the effect of these two colors.

The color orange is a mixture of yellow and red so it has the abilities of these two colors. It improves your mood and boots confidence. It also motivates the mind to work and pay attention to details so it increases your child's skills and energy towards progress.

Lack of Sleep and Obesity

During the process of parenting, parents are concern that their child will become obese. Because of that, they try to control the amount of sweets and snacks but do you know that sleep, colors and the room affects your child's weight?!

A study shows that lack of sleep causes obesity. When a child doesn't have a wealthy sleep, he /her will feel exhausted and feel sleepy the next day. In order to restore their energy, they have bags of potato chips, chocolate and different sorts of food. Lack of sleep also shows metabolism which affects negatively on the child's health and weight. You can force them to have plenty of hours of sleep but not deep sleep. Troubled sleep is the same as lack of sleep because it keeps your child exhausted and the needs of junk food to provide him/her with energy.

Although the mattress has a huge role in getting continuous deep sleep but the psychological side increases its importance. A child who feels that he/she doesn't belong to their room or refuses some things in it will suffer from sleeping disorders more than a child who has a room of his/her choice.

The room that also has space for playing and creativity helps reveal the child's imagination and play for hours which he/she empties their potential energy in. So they get deeper sleep to be energetic in the morning and don't have to turn to food for energy.