Why This Room

When purchasing a room, you must take in consideration many things such as the design, colors, type of wood, range of safety and area. This is what this room provides.

Your daughter is all grown up and now she deserves this room as she is growing up and becoming more independent and wants her privacy, everything in this room is designed just to fit every girl's needs to organize her stuff!

The room was designed to fit girls' needs in terms of providing drawers, cabinets, mirror, and special places for accessories. A corner has been specialized for expressing herself and to arrange her books since girls in that age likes to organize and maintain everything in place.

Wood and Safety
Wood has been used to observe the many situations that children are exposed to. It is strong and solid, not affected even when moving every week. It can't be scratched and doesn't absorb fluids in case a glass of water is split.

All furniture pieces are specialized to fit any appropriate space that it was made for. A bed suits the length and width that a girl needs to enjoy a peaceful continuous sleep. As for the wardrobe, it is divided to hold a huge amount of clothing and separate smaller pieces in drawers. The dresser and mirror are designed to give a girl the freedom to express herself and reflect her personality