10 Dining Room Ideas for 10 Different Spaces

10 Dining Room Ideas for 10 Different Spaces
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10 Dining Room Ideas for 10 Different Spaces

10 Dining Room Ideas for 10 Different Spaces


Whether you live alone, have a small family or a large one and lots of friends, you need a dining room in your place. Dining rooms may not be paramount for everyone and some might say they’re becoming obsolete but that might just be the traditional kind of dining room tables and the old style of a full matching dining room set. Thankfully, that’s not the only option you have these days as the rules of interior design have become much less rigid and reliant on uniformity.  There’s more room now for creativity, uniqueness and individuality with different aspects of design. No matter the size of your space, you can find something that suits you. Here are 10 different ideas to help stimulate your creativity and you will definitely find something that matches your space and aesthetic.

Extendable dining table

 Need more space to move around but also more space on the table? The answer could not be simpler. Extendable dining tables are your saviors. They come in all shapes and sizes and with different mechanisms and methods of folding. A real space saver. And some might even have a double functionality. This option will provide you with enough space for your guests without taking up too much room when the table is not being used. A six-to-ten-seater table would be ideal for gatherings and daily family dinners as well.

Banquette seating

Starting from this point you should let go of the notion that your dining table seats should match. Once you do that, you can experiment with different options. One of those options are banquette seating. Not only does it look unique, but it will also provide you with extra seating on your table and can also be used separately. You can make it pop even more if you choose a unique color for it that’s different from the rest of the seats and make it a statement and accent piece. Banquettes also provide much more comfortable seating and give a cozy feel to your dining room for those family nights while also giving you three to four extra seats at your table. Not to mention the double functionality because you can easily use this comfortable place you created as a work from home station if needs be.


Mirrors to open up spaces 

Whether your dining space is large or small, adding mirrors is always a winning move. Not only do they open up and enhance small spaces but they also bounce light if you make sure to place them in the right location, and allow you and your guests to see and talk to each other as you dine. Add a large mirror opposite your dining table, place a shelf underneath it and decorate it with candles and plants for a pop of color and dancing candle light at dinner parties.

Round tables for smaller spaces 

Round tables are a great option to create more space in your dining room because round tables take up less space than square and rectangular ones. Not only that, but believe it or not, you can also fit more people with it and as a bonus, they can all see each other which makes it great for creating a sociable environment. Round tables are not the most traditional but they’re becoming more popular due to their functionality and space saving characteristic. Moreover, as a bonus, they’re kids friendly due to the lack of sharp corners.

Light walls and flooring

This doesn’t only apply to your dining room. Take it as a general rule of thumb, light colors, like white and cream…etc. give the illusion of more space, especially if combined with large windows that let in a ton of light. Gives your room a nice and airy feel. And to add even more warmth, add wood flooring and make sure it doesn’t clash with your table and chairs. Make sure the furniture you pick for this dining room is simple and doesn’t have too many colors or details. You can make up for the lack of colors with accessories, décor and plants. White and green and exposed wood create an peaceful, outdoorsy vibe and invite nature into your home with as a bonus, improves mental health, lifts your mood and makes you more productive.


Dark walls for contrast 

If you’re not worried about making your space look larger though, and you have a flare for the dramatic, choose a light-colored table and paint the wall behind it a dark color so it acts like a backdrop. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colored accessories to add that bright pop to the area. You don’t even have to paint the whole room that color, or even a full wall, you can paint a section of the wall and place the table in front of it. That might restrict your rearranging options but it’s worth it and having one furniture item always in one place as a statement is like creating and maintaining a heart to your home. on another note, if you want to expand this dark aesthetic to the whole room, maybe you only use your dining room at night, or you’re not a fan of light and airy atmospheres, the darkness does have its own unique beauty after all. You can play with contrast between light and dark, have plate settings or décor match your dark walls but choose lighter furniture or deep exposed wood and lots of plants and accessories, especially candles to add to the general dark ambiance of the room.


 Less is always more. That’s why minimalism is gaining popularity in 2022. You don’t need a lot of things to make a dining room look good. You just need a well-organized space with no clutter and no crowding, tons or natural light and clean lines. Opt for simplicity and work on bringing nature into your home. minimalism is ideal for smaller dining rooms to provide more space because a clean, simple look would make the space look larger than it is, but it’s not exclusively used in said spaces since it’s more of a lifestyle rather than an interior design method.



Benches save space


This is a great idea if you decide to have your dining room as a part in your open kitchen. To save space and also add that diner look, choose benches over chairs. They take up less visual space and if you get a set where the benches slide under or fold into the table you will save even more space and your table will double as a kitchen island when it’s not in use. So, three birds, one dining table. To achieve this, make sure to pick a set that complements your kitchen décor in order to create a cohesive look.

 Bench and chair combo

 This option is perfect for an outdoors dining area. Think big family barbeques, an extendable table to fit everyone, kids on the bench and adults on the chairs. Narrow table legs to allow maximum space and comfort for everyone. This casual yet functional option is great for those who love large gatherings and always have people around and dinner parties to host. This is also a great option for a work from home station. Always try to choose furniture items that can serve more than one purpose. That way, not only do you save space, but you also save money.

Repurpose existing furniture

If you’re on a budget or maybe you want to rearrange the furniture of your home and create something out of different pieces that would have otherwise been discarded, you can put together a unique looking dining table using whatever chairs you have and maybe a cough on one side. You can add cushions to the couch if it’s not the right height and you can have the chairs reupholstered to match or go for the fully mismatched look. Whatever you choose to do you will end up with a dining room that’s definitely not in any other house in the world. You will create something that’s truly yours and add that casual, relaxed vibe to your house. Not to mention that recycling old furniture instead of discarding it is the more environmentally friendly choice.