10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bedroom

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bedroom
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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bedroom

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, it’s where you rest your head and the end of every day and feel the safest. Your bedroom, like the rest of your house, if not even more so, should reflect your personality. Even if it’s the place that only you see and guests are not invited inside, you should not neglect it. If you design your bedroom well, not only will you feel more relaxed and at ease, but it will also affect your overall quality of life. That being said, many people fall into very common mistakes when it comes to bedroom design that can disrupt the entire flow of the room and can be counterproductive and have the opposite effect than the one desired. The following are the 10 most common mistakes that you should keep in mind when designing your own bedroom.


Avoid Bright or Jarring Colors


You might be tempted to use a vibrant color for your bedroom walls thinking that it would brighten up the room or especially if the rest of your home has the same vibrant feel to it. But that would be your biggest mistake. It is never advised to use bright colors such as reds, yellows, and blues or purples. Using such jarring colors would be too stimulating in an environment that should be otherwise. Your bedroom is a place of relaxation and using such colors can actually disrupt your sleep. Instead, try using softer colors that are more low-key and muted. Nothing eye catching. Colors such as grey, beige or white are tranquil, relaxing and ideal for a sleep environment.


Be Ware of the Size of Your furniture


It goes without saying that the size of your bedroom determines the size and amount of furniture you fill it with. Overcrowding your bedroom is the last thing you want to do. It’s okay to sacrifice a few items for the sake of good flow in your room and enough space for you to move. Having a huge kind sized bed in a small bedroom is the exact opposite of what you want. And you don’t really need that vanity if you can add a mirror on top of your dresser if that’s what your room can allow. Unlike what a lot may think, it’s better to have less furniture and more space than the other way around. You can make use of the furniture that you have and choose smarter items for smaller spaces to make maximum use of that space.


The Furniture Location Matters


Where you place your bedroom furniture can make or break the whole aesthetic you’re going for in your room. If your bedroom items are not thoughtfully placed to not overcrowd each other and are not evenly places, that would give the appearance of chaos and that’s the opposite of what you want in a bedroom. Moreover, if your furniture is blocking natural light, you’re going to have to compensate that lost light in another way which still won’t be as effective as natural light. So, if possible, try to have a clear source of natural light.



Do Not Neglect the Curtains and Rugs


Once you’ve established the basics of your bedroom, you move on to the items that can bring everything together. Those being, curtains and rugs. These two important items have the ability to make any space feel cozy and warm if chosen correctly. Make sure your rug is the right size according to the space and make sure that it’s not awkwardly placed in the room. And with curtains, let your creativity and personality shine by choosing different colors and patterns and materials that can add a spark to your room.


Try to Stay Organized


Everything you’ve worked hard to achieve can be wiped away if your room lacks organization. If you have a messy environment, you’re robbing yourself of the joy of enjoying the aesthetic you worked hard to achieve. A messy bedroom can affect your mental health and if it reaches a dangerous degree, as the case is with hoarding for instance, it can also affect you physically. Make sure to keep a clean and organized space to maintain a peaceful and relaxing environment.


Match the Bedroom Set


This one might be news to you. But having a matching bedroom set is not desirable anymore. It’s an outdated look that designers would advise you against. It may rob you of the opportunity to truly use your bedroom as your canvas and let your personality shine through it. Not purchasing a matching set also allows you to only buy the items you need. But if you already have a set, don’t worry. You can always refurbish a piece of two to change things up or shop for new items and repurpose the ones you already have somewhere else in your home. if there’s a will, there’s always a way.


Choose a Suitable Color Scheme


Now that you’re going to create a bedroom set rather than buy a matching one, you’re going to need to find a color scheme that works best for you. Something that complements the colors you chose for your flooring and your walls. Soft, muted colors work best for bedrooms as previously mentioned. You can never go wrong with neutrals with a pop of color that isn’t too bright for bedding or décor for example. As long as the colors you choose complements rather than clashes with each other then you’re on the right path. A good way to determine this is by leaving the bedroom for a while then walking back in and or asking someone to do so and see if your eye immediately falls on something that looks out of place.




Bedding is also one of the elements in your bedroom that can give it a cozy and homey feel. And it’s an area where you can experiment with different textures and colors that contrast yet complement each other and go with the color scheme you chose for your bedroom. Layering your bedding is a way for you to have every layer a different texture and by doing so play with the mood of the room and have the chance to change the layers by the seasons for example along with some statement décor items. Moreover, don’t be afraid to invest in your bedsheets. You can put a price on your comfort. When your sleep is good, everything else will fall into place, so spend that extra penny on those sheets you want that will make you feel like you’re flying.


Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space


If your room doesn’t have sufficient storage space, clutter is sure to pile up sooner than you think. And like previously mentioned, clutter can and will ruin all the hard work you put into creating your sanctuary. To avoid this simply make sure that your nightstands have drawers to store books, glasses, money…etc. and maybe invest in nightstands that have built in chargers to rid yourself of the exposed cords look. Buy yourself a good dresser that can hold your daily clothes and that displays your décor nicely. And if you’re somewhat of a shopaholic, make sure your wardrobe or closet is big enough and organized enough to hold all your clothes in a way that you’re always aware of the clothing you own.


Make Sure You Have Multiple Light Sources


Your bedroom light should not just be a ceiling light and that’s it. Ceiling lights are good and all but they’re not enough for bedrooms because they’re multipurpose rooms, and you don’t always need such a harsh light on. Bedside lights bring a warmth to the room at night when you don’t really need any bright lights and are great for reading, unless you want a reading light that attaches to your headboard, also a good investment. That being said, don’t feel like you can’t choose whichever ceiling light you want. If you feel like a crystal chandelier is what your bedroom needs to really feel complete then go for it. Go for matching or similar wall fixtures too if you’re leaning towards a classic style. And if you want to go the opposite direction and have a trendier and more modern look you can always go for hidden changing mood lights. These are perfect to add a fun aspect to your bedroom and are not harsh on the eyes. There are so many different ways to go when it comes to lighting and that’s why having multiple light sources is the smart way to go.